Twitter Tweaks, Tightens Security with Acquisition of Whisper Systems

It was revealed earlier this week that Twitter has purchased mobile security and privacy solutions startup Whisper Systems.

Although Twitter formally announced and confirmed the acquisition, it would not elaborate on details of the deal, financial terms, or the social networking platform’s immediate goals for the security solutions provider.

“Now that we’re joining Twitter, we’re looking forward to bringing our technology and our expertise into Twitter’s products and services,” Whisper Systems announced in a blog post.

“The Whisper Systems software as our users know it will live on (and we have some surprises in store that we’re excited about), but there is unfortunately a transition period where we will have to temporarily take our products and services offline,” the post concluded. “RedPhone service will be interrupted immediately, but FlashBack users have a month to pull off any backup data they would like before that service also goes offline.”

With more than 100 million active users and a growing advertising business underscoring Twitter’s presence, bolstering the platform’s security certainly isn’t a bad move, although no indications of such a need have been widely apparent in recent months.