Twitter Hack Targets Burger King

Twitter was buzzing today with news that Burger King has been sold to McDonalds.

“Just got sold to McDonalds,” a tweet from the official Burger King Twitter account read, adding “FREEDOM IS FAILURE” (although ‘Freedom’ was initially spelled wrong.)

As it turns out, the messenger was legitimate. The message, however, was not.

“It has come to our attention that the Twitter account of the BURGER KING brand has been hacked,” the company said in a statement. “We have worked directly with administrators to suspend the account until we are able to re-establish our legitimate site and authentic postings.”

Several tweets carried the logo of Burger King’s larger rival McDonald’s, but spelled the latter company’s name incorrectly. Others sought to tarnish Burger King, the third-largest U.S. hamburger chain, and its employees.

Reuters confirmed that Burger King suspended the Twitter account within an hour of learning of the security breach.

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