Twitter Gets Tweaked for Easier Marketing, Communication

Twitter is getting another facelift. And this time, the revamp will come with a number of critical tweaks that appear poised to make communicating and promoting one’s brand a whole lot easier.

Officials for Twitter announced today that the microblogging platform is being redesigned with regard to its short messaging service to make it simpler, faster and more personal.

The changes manifested Thursday in updates to Twitter’s various smartphone and tablet applications. Twitter’s website will reflect the changes before the end of December, the company says.

“Twitter revamped the service to address one of its biggest challenges. Although a lot of people generally know what Twitter is, many still don’t understand how to use the service and its various tools,” CBS News reported.

With the changes, it will be easier to find people and companies with Twitter profiles. All it will take is typing an “at” symbol in front of a user’s handle. Profile pages are also being expanded so individuals and companies can showcase more information about themselves in text, photos and video.

“It’s clear that Twitter is trying to make the site more friendly to brands,” writes Robert Hof of Forbes.

“Communicating with users isn’t just about what you say,” reads the Twitter Advertising Blog. “It’s also about how you say it. Now, your profile page does more to help you make an impression with a large header image for displaying your logo, tagline, and any other visuals.”

“You can also control the message visitors see when they first come to your profile page by promoting a Tweet to the top of your page’s timeline,” the post concludes. “This Tweet helps you highlight your most engaging and important content and better connect with your target audience. The Promoted Tweet on your profile page will appear auto-expanded so that visitors to your page can instantly see the photo or video content that you link to from your Tweet.”

To learn more about the Twitter touch ups, check out the video below.

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