Turning Emails into Powerful Branding Tools

When it comes to email, most marketers would love it if the people on their email list look forward with bated breath to opening every email that they …

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Turning Emails into Powerful Branding ToolsWhen it comes to email, most marketers would love it if the people on their email list look forward with bated breath to opening every email that they sent.

Of course we all know that this isn’t exactly true. In fact, it’s usually just the opposite, explains Laura Walsh, a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Keystone Click in a recent commentary.

That being said, whether or not people are climbing over each other to open your emails doesn’t mean that you can’t still use them to brand your business. Email remains one of the best ways to brand your company, even in the face of stiff competition for user attention from tablets, laptops and smart phones.

Consistency is King

The most vital factor with digital marketing and advertising is consistency. It means having the same voice, colors, logos, content, graphics and so forth on everything and everywhere your company presents itself.

The best way to be consistent with email is to use a template because it will keep things like your layout, subject line, color and content as consistent as possible from message to message. Sending out your emails at the same time of day, and the same day of the week, every week is also extremely important in today’s nonstop marketing world. If your audience knows when your email will arrive, many of them will actually look forward to it.

Content is Queen

If consistency is the King, Content is definitely the Queen at his side. If your readers come to rely on your email messages for interesting, entertaining, educational or otherwise thought-provoking content, they will help to firmly brand your company as the “go to” company when a reader services that you provide (There is also the 70/20/10 Content rule, which you can read more about here).

Email is the Bridge

We talked about consistency and, if you are highly consistent in all of your marketing efforts your email messages will be the bridge to take people from their inbox to anywhere else that you’d like them to go. If you’ve done your job well it should be quite easy.

One of the best features of email is that it can be accessed on any computer device. If you put a high value on consistency, and provide excellent content, your email can be one of the most powerful branding tools that you have.

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    Thanks for sharing my post and using me as a resource. Email marketing really does seem to be the forgotten gem of digital marketing. Let’s bring it back into style!

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    Digital marketing has changed the concept of branding. One has to play consistently to promote its brand. If he can’t do it on his own he can contact a branding company. I am sure a digital marketer knows how to play with content and promote his clients’ brand online effectively.