Trader Joe’s Knows Mobile Marketing

Trader Joe's Knows Mobile MarketingTrader Joe’s, the hugely popular chain of specialty grocery stores that number more than 400 across 30 U.S. states, is going mobile with its marketing and efforts to cultivate additional brand loyalty.

Trader Joe’s has just launched a new mobile app, representing the company’s inaugural foray into mobile app territory.

In lieu of coupons or hard offers, Trader Joe’s new app tightly integrates with Facebook as a way for consumers to discover more than 3,000 privately-labeled grocery items.

“Trader Joe’s house brands stand out – they’re unique and tasty, and a reason many people choose to shop there,” Robbie Allan, vice president of marketing and sales at Carnival Mobile, tells Mobile Commerce Daily. “The Trader Joe’s app is all about surfacing these products that customers love to drive them to store. The social sharing isn’t a core part of the app flow and may just be a nice bonus.”

The new app launch is once again illustrating how a number of large, successful, and lucrative businesses are only entering the mobile fray in 2014.

In recent months, however, mobile has certainly been on the minds of those handling Trader Joes’s marketing, as the company’s mobile social reach across platforms like Facebook has increased markedly.

According to the same report published this morning, social media is an integral part of the new app, which makes it easy for users to log into the app through Facebook and easily share or search for products.

“As more consumers turn to their mobile devices to access coupons and deals, grocery chains are steadily building up their own stand-alone apps,” the report concludes.

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