The North Face Does an About-Face on Mobile Marketing

The North Face Does an About-Face on Mobile MarketingWhat a difference one successful mobile marketing campaign can make.

For one well-known brand that was formerly a mobile marketing sit-out, The North Face is now a major proponent of mobile marketing.

The North Face is stepping up its European digital engagement after an eventful mobile marketing drive that represents the company’s dynamic shift away from traditional, outdated advertising and marketing channels.

Recently, the company teamed with Millennial Media for its inaugural mobile advertising campaign in Europe, and the results were impressive. According to data provided by The Drum, one ad saw engagement rates on local websites increase by 9.5 percent.

The North Face made use of Millennial Media’s Video PLlus ad unit – a full-screen interactive video appearing between app and publisher content – which resulted in more than 319,000 completed views in Germany and more than 114,000 in Italy. In addition, 29 per cent of viewers watched the video a second time despite an option to skip after 7.5 seconds.

“The North Face said the results of the campaign showed the influence mobile marketing can have even in niche markets, and the next stage of the campaign – ‘Longer Days Are Back’ – will launch next month in the UK and Europe,” the report adds.