‘The App Secret’: MMA Webinar Shows How To Succeed with Branded Apps

‘The App Secret’ MMA Webinar Shows How To Succeed with Branded AppsCircle Tuesday, July 28 on your calendar. That’s when the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) will present a special webinar — “The App Secret: How To Succeed Where So Many Fail” — from 1 to 2 p.m. (CDT).

The webinar, featuring presenters Meredith Tretiak, Director of Product Marketing, and Tom Farrell, Director of Marketing, will discuss the ways in which brands are under pressure to extend value to mobile.

“In this session you will learn how to generate the most value from a branded app and get a clear understanding of the pitfalls along the way — and how to avoid them,” according to the MMA. “We will discuss strong app design, how to create a plan for acquiring users, and the ways in which you can build relationships with those users and thus deliver long-term value.”

Key discussion topics will include the opportunities in mobile, when to engage mobile customers, how to align mobile with a total marketing plan, how to communicate the value of a branded mobile app to a client, and more.

The webinar will also review the lessons to be learned from apps that fail.

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