Tablets Being Used More Often For Leisure Activities

Tablets Being Used More Often For Leisure ActivitiesAccording to the findings of a recent survey, people are now using tablet computers more often for leisure activities.

YouGov carried out the survey, the results of which show that around two-thirds of UK residents are using tablets for email activities as well as general Internet browsing.

In the survey, gaming was the second most popular activity people are using their tablet computers for, while others are engaging in a broader variety of leisure activities.

In contrast, only 6% said they used the tablet for work purposes. An earlier survey in the UK showed that 89% of consumers are searching for information and 80% are using email on their tablet computers.

According to eMarketer, it’s estimated that about 20.0 million UK resident used their tablet device at least monthly in 2013. This included using a tablet owned by someone else.

By the end of 2014, it’s estimated there will be 24.6 million tablet users in the UK.

UK Tablet Owners Activities

  • Email 65%
  • Gaming 54%
  • News 49%
  • Social Networking 49%
  • Videos 37%
  • Books 37%
  • Photography 28%
  • Music 26%
  • Other browsing 68%
  • Other activities 6%

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