T-Shirts May Have Conquered Mobile Commerce on Amazon Prime Day with Police Respect Tees Leading the Way

blueT-Shirts have been selling like… well… t-shirts recently on Amazon, with countless shirt sellers revealing a massive influx of mobile buying recently on Amazon, culminating with yesterday’s Amazon Prime Day, the rumor mill indicates.

Among the best selling shirts, we’re told, are purportedly those supporting police and law enforcement.

Anything “back the blue” related is big right now, one vendor told MMW in a provided statement.

One T-shirt vendor, “Back the Blue Police T-Shirts,” says its best selling item yesterday was a simple design that simply reads “America Backs the Blue” (see above image). The shirt sells for $19.99 (for now it’s only on Amazon here).

The firm did not reveal how many units were sold in recent days or as a result of Amazon Prime Day.

America Backs the Blue is a beautiful American flag patriotic graphic t-shirt designed to show support for police and law enforcement in the wake of terrible tragedies in Dallas and decreasing respect for cops on the street. Let police officers in your town and across America know that the United States is a nation that backs the blue from sea to shining sea!

Amazon is yet to reveal which product category was the biggest winner on Amazon Prime Day, but clothing appears to have given tech and toys a real run for their money this year.