T-Mobile Touts JUMP Phone Upgrade Program

T-Mobile USA has announced a new phone upgrade program called “Jump.” T-Mobile Touts JUMP Phone Upgrade Program

The program is designed to let subscribers upgrade their phones at regular intervals. With Jump, for example, customers will pay the same subsidized amount that a new customer pays, without the need to wait to “qualify” for an upgrade.

The program requires T-Mobile customers to pay a $10 monthly fee for the service and trade-in old devices, but it offers up to two phone upgrades per year after a six-month waiting period.

T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, praised the new program.

“This is one of those things that annoys customers so much,” Legere said in reference to qualified upgrades.

According to All Things D, Legere wanted T0Mobile to address this issue when it first did away with two-year contracts back in March, “but needed a little more time to work out the details.”