T-Mobile Executive Surprises with Departure

One of the top executives at T-Mobile is stepping down.

It was confirmed ahead of the weekend that T-Mobile’s chief marketing officer Cole Brodman is leaving the company.

Brodman had spend 17 years with the carrier, which recently embarked on a re-branding campaign aimed at helping the wireless outfit gain new traction in an increasingly more competitive industry.

“It’s a retirement from T-Mobile,” Brodman tells The Wall Street Journal. “It’s an opportunity to step away, get a break and start to think about how I want to do something next.”

As of this writing, Brodman hasn’t provided insight into where he may end up in his next professional venture.

“We’ll become a great home for a lot of customers,” said Brodman, who will officially step down May 25th. “You’ll see us being aggressive in the second half of the year talking about that capability.”

Upon his looming departure, Brodman will be temporarily replaced by Andrew Sherrard, while a permanent replacement is sought.