Survey: 75 Percent of U.S. Adults Want More Product Information Via Mobile

Survey 75 Percent of U.S. Adults Want More Product Information Via MobileAlthough 85 percent of U.S. adult shoppers say reading a product package helps them make in-store purchase decisions, 78 percent have wanted additional information about a product after reading a product’s package.

That’s according to a study conducted online this month by Harris Poll and commissioned by Digimarc Corporation.

Especially notable for retailers, these same shoppers report they are more likely to research and buy online when they cannot readily find the product details they desire (75 percent). The need for additional product information is even higher (87 percent) among millennials, compared to people aged 35 or older.

At the same time, the report summary shared with MMW reads, a majority (65 percent) of smartphone owners are willing to spend less than a minute researching a product on their smartphone while in the retail store aisle. This creates an imperative for retailers and brands to deliver useful information to shoppers quickly and easily. The Digimarc Barcode™ platform provides a simple-to-use but powerful way to engage directly with consumers.

“Shoppers who can’t quickly find the information they need to make a purchase decision are likely to put a product right back on the shelf,” said Larry Logan, Chief Marketing Officer at Digimarc, in a press release. “Retailers and brands can increase the chances of completing a sale by delivering instant information to a shopper’s smartphone. Addressing this need, the Digimarc Barcode platform gives packages the ability to deliver much richer, more complete product information directly to the shopper at the critical moment of decision.”