Summer is the Time for eCommerce Tune Up Before The Holidays Hit

logoIs your e-commerce site up to snuff for the holidays? Yes, it’s only July. But time passes as quickly as water through a sieve. And unfortunately, many businesses don’t start early enough to prepare for the best money-making season of the year — the one that starts just after Halloween and runs through the days of Christmas.

Did you know, for instance, that including product videos on your site can increase product sales by as much as 144 percent? If you’re not using video yet, it’s time to get that rolling.

That’s the sage advice from Red Stag Fulfillment (RSF), a respected company offering world-class e-commerce order fulfillment and 3PL (third-party logistics) services.

Some e-commerce “fails” are egregious — but easy to fix, says RSF. For example, many people struggle to locate shopping cart and checkout buttons on numerous sites. That’s a surefire frustration creator and something every e-commerce site should successfully nail now. There are enough inhibitors of conversions out there in the world — the design of your site should not be one of them.

Here’s one more tip: about 8.1 percent of purchased items are returned by customers. The solution? Make it easy for consumers. No business likes returns, but they’re inevitable. If you make it painless, those consumers will come back to shop with you again.

Check out the infographic below for more great information to inform e-commerce site improvements.

Yes, we know it’s summer. So make a Mai Tai and them make some time for improving your ecommerce site before the hottest sales season of the year begins again.