Streamweaver Rolls Out Groundbreaking Mobile Video App

Streamweaver is busy this week singing the praises of its newest creation – a multi-angle mobile video app for consumers to record together with friends and see everyone’s perspective in split-screen video.

If you haven’t heard of such a thing before, it’s because you probably haven’t seen a comparable offering in the app stores of your chosen mobile operating system.

The new app is available in the U.S. for free on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Consumers can now, for the first time on mobile, invite friends to jointly video everyday moments – surprise party, touchdown, street performance, skateboard trick – and then watch all angles simultaneously on a single split-screen video.

“We call it split-screen synchronicity and we deliver it in a beautiful mobile video app that is social from the moment you tap record,” boasts Erik Carlson, CEO and co-founder of Streamweaver. “We all have different perspectives of any given event. With Streamweaver, we set out to connect perspectives and give consumers the thrill of seeing what they did not see – the other sides of the story – all in sync with their own.

In this first release of Streamweaver, consumers are told that they will experience “a truly social mobile video app that gives them the power to capture and share life’s moments from multiple angles.”

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