Strategy Analytics Finds Massive Spike in Mobile Enterprise App Revenue

With each passing day we learn more about the many ways in which 2012 was a banner year for mobile. The latest report comes to us from Strategy …

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With each passing day we learn more about the many ways in which 2012 was a banner year for mobile.

The latest report comes to us from Strategy Analytics and shows that mobile business collaboration, productivity, process apps went mobile in a big way in 2012.

Two reports – “Global Mobile Enterprise Business Applications User Forecast, 2011-2017” and “Global Mobile Enterprise Business Application Revenue Forecast, 2011-2017” – show that the global workforce’s use of business applications on mobile devices is growing.

Revenue associated with mobile workers using enterprise business apps on mobile devices is expected to nearly double over the next 5 years as a result of hundreds of millions of mobile workers using a growing number of mobile business applications.

“The consumer mobile experience has taught mobile workers to expect, even demand, access to information and applications from anywhere using mobile devices,” says Mark Levitt, Director of Business Cloud Strategies research at Strategy Analytics. “Mobile workers have moved beyond just mobile email and messaging to include other collaboration apps such as conferencing, productivity apps such as content authoring, and business process apps such as CRM and even ERP.”

“The business imperative for workers to be productive while on the way to, from and at customer and other remote work sites is driving the rapid mobilization of business apps. Growth in secure application distribution through mobile device and application management (MDM and MAM) and Enterprise App Stores is helping to allay security fears and ensure compliance,” added Andrew Brown, Director of Enterprise Research at Strategy Analytics.

To learn more about the Strategy Analytics Mobile Workforce Strategies (MWS) service report, click here.

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    Interesting read! As a rep for an SaaS collaboration software vendor, I am still surprised how seldom SMEs or Public service companies put mobile collaboration high on their demand list, compared to larger enterprises. We definitely see a big divide between larger and smaller companies, globally speaking, when talking to prospects and existing clients.

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    The Application world have change the trend now , a mobile phone can do many things now by using an App.The application exposure is increasing very much for sure.

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    Increasing app exposure is important for sure.

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    I think this is gonna go true as seen through the recent graphics and no one can stop it.