Starbreeze Walking Dead Demo Could Interest Livewire Gamers

Starbreeze Walking Dead Demo Could Interest Livewire GamersStarbreeze and 505 Games are making a splash at the big E3 video game show in Los Angeles.

Its demo for a new Walking Dead game features a breakthrough headset from recently acquired InfinitEye. It features a 210-degree field of view and 5K display, which greatly enhances peripheral vision.

“We were given a ten-minute a vertical slice demo that worked like a rail shooter, with the character in a wheelchair. Partway through, I was handed a pump-action shotgun (both in the game and physically),” notes a story from GameInformer. “Tracking was quite good, with hand movement in-game interpretted by the position of the gun. Aiming worked well, and I was able to use the shotgun to remove the heads of oncoming walkers.”

But wait, there’s more.

“While the end of the demo, which featured a zombie crawling up my leg while another had lunch on my neck, was potent, the hardware has some room to grow. There was some pixelation and screendoor effect. This is a problem that Oculus solved with the Crescent Bay demo at Oculus Connect in September. With more time (Starbreeze and InfinitEye have been working on the project for just a year), these problems can be solved.”

Sounds grisly (the game that is). But the eventual profits could be gargantuan.

“Starbreeze is off to a good start, with a focus on improving field of view in the exploding VR arena. With a while before release, the company will need to keep an eye on competition in order to retain its uniqueness.”