Social Media Lives as The World Doesn’t End

Well, the day is still young but if the trend continues, the world isn’t going to end today. And the mobile social community won’t let those who expected otherwise escape without a few comedic barbs this morning.

According to a poll earlier this year by Reuters, 1 in 10 people believe the world might end this year. Aided by the well known dire prediction by the Mayans, 52 million tourists were expected to visit Mexico during the “Year of the Maya” in 2012, according to the Mexican Ministry of Tourism.

So does that mean there are a lot of disappointed people around the world today? If so, social media isn’t reflecting it. If anything, the social networks of the world have been full of sarcasm and jubilation today as mockery has found its way to the Mayan calendar.

With #EndofTheWorld trending worldwide today, everyone seems to be weighing in on the “last day.”

“When I have kids,” one tweet reads, “I’m going to make them watch the movie, 2012 and tell them I survived that.”

“Still think the power companies should shut off the power today for 10 minutes just to make everyone freak out,” another poster observed.

The most accurate tweet of the day?

This is the most annoying day in the history of Twitter and Facebook.

Deep down, I think we all knew life would go on. After all, even the folks at the History channel apparently didn’t believe in the non-stop, wall-to-wall Armageddon programming they’ve run ahead of today. The proof? They’ve already planned to re-broadcast these shows through the weekend.

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