Social Media Equals Modern Day Customer Service

Social Media Equals Modern Day Customer ServiceSocial media is proving to play an increasingly larger role in communication with consumers. A recent study analyzed over a billion company “mentions” by consumers on social media over a 2 year timeframe. What they found is that:

  • 76% of mentions were neutral
  • 17.6% were positive
  • 5.8% were negative

Of the 75% neutral, the vast majority were questions from consumers to the company—both to learn more about the business and to learn more about how to use their products or services.

While social media is utilized for increasing engagement, building brand awareness, and marketing, this study found that it also plays a vital role in customer service.

Aside from the type of company mentions, the study also analyzed the most popular days of the week for company mentions. All in all, weekdays are a more popular time to mention a company on social media than weekends. The results are as follows:

  • Sunday 11.4%
  • Monday 14.4%
  • Tuesday 15.7%
  • Wednesday 15.5%
  • Thursday 15.8%
  • Friday 15.1%
  • Saturday 12.2%

Aside from the frequency of posts, most social media mentions are posted in English at 64.4%, with French coming in second at 16.2%, and Spanish coming in third at 11.3%. What this means for businesses and marketers is that as social media grows into being a communication tool for more of the global population, social mentions will play a more powerful role in increasing exposure.

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