SMS Marketing Comes of Age at mobileStorm

For more than a decade, mobileStorm has been an industry-leading provider of email, mobile, and social communication tools and technologies for a host of diverse industries and behemoth brands.

And now, mobileStorm’s SMS marketing is finally coming of age.

In the modern era of mobile gaming, mobileStorm wants to do its part to support responsible gaming. As a result, the company is introducing a new SMS feature for text ins: Age Verification.

mobileStorm says this important feature is now available on all short codes in their system and that Age Verification can be established for 3 separate ages: 13, 18 and 21.

Working as you might expect, the opt-in message simply requires an end user to provide their birthdate when prompted. If a person enters an age that meets or exceeds where the Age Gateway is set, the user will instantly receive the Confirm opt-in Message or the Welcome Message.

As long as the age is valid, mobileStorm adds the birth date to the subscriber record.

If, on the other hand, an underage person has not yet attained the required legal age to access a gaming platform or related content, the subscriber is added to the client’s Do Not Mail or Text list after receiving a message confirming their access ineligibility due to age restrictions.

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