SMS Helps Draw Blood in Europe

SMS Helps Draw Blood in EuropeSurprisingly, blood donation rates are on the decline in developed nations around the world. It is for this reason that the Stockholm blood service in Sweden decided to turn to modern mobile communication to let donors know the impact they are making with their donation.

After someone donates blood, they probably never give it a second thought. While patient privacy must be protected, this is not to say that a donor cannot be made aware of when their blood has been used by a recipient.

Now, when Sweden donors donate blood, they are instantly sent a “thank you” text message as well as a secondary text message when their donation has been used by a patient in need.

Even though they have no idea who they have helped, or the medical condition they were suffering from, the realization that they have provided a potentially lifesaving donation is now top of mind, summarizes a report on this effort by The Independent

This has not only increased blood donations in Sweden, but the topic has gone viral.