Skyfire Coming On Strong, Will It Emerge A Winner?

There’s been healthy competition recently between makers of so-called “full Web capable” mobile browsers from the likes of Opera, Mozilla and others, but who will come out on top once the dust settles?

Skyfire, a mobile browser we’ve kept our eyes on for a while now, is ramping up its efforts and making a few changes internally to better compete in the increasingly crowded segment of mobile browsing.

Along with recently hiring former Travelocity CFO Jeffrey Glueck, the company has closed a series B round of funding in the amount of $5M, raising its total capital investment to $22.8M since its inception.  To put it simply, the Mountain View-based company has big plans for its browser.

As you’ll remember, Skyfire is still the only free browser available that includes support for PC-Web capable technologies such as Flash, Silverlight, Ajax, JavaScript and many others- bringing a true full-Web experience to mobile devices once and for all.  The only problem has been that it’s not available for a wide range of platforms- only Windows Mobile and Symbian for the time being.

The company has plans to introduce a Blackberry version soon, with other platforms hopefully following suit.  With so much going on internally at the company, Skyfire will undoubtedly make its mark soon.  With competition also ramping up its efforts, Skyfire needs to bring its exclusive technology to as many platforms as possible before others sweep in and steal its thunder.