Shazam in the ‘Mood’ for Better Mobile Marketing

Shazam in the 'Mood' for Better Mobile MarketingMood Media Corporation has confirmed its expansion of capabilities for Shazam In-Store, debuting services specifically designed for small and local businesses.

“With this full-service offering,” a provided statement reads, “small and local businesses can quickly and easily activate mobile campaigns to deliver customized messages and offers directly to a consumer’s personal device.”

Shazam In-Store, powered by Mood, is a turnkey mobile marketing solution for businesses wanting to create unique in-store experiences for customers.

Originally launched in November 2014, Shazam In-Store utilizes Mood’s patented Presence audio beacon technology. When a customer activates the Shazam app to identify a song or other audio, targeted content can be delivered directly to the customer’s mobile device.

Small businesses can also access Mood’s content and design expertise and select from a range of customizable mobile content for promotions, coupons, loyalty programs and special offers.

“Many small businesses are looking for ways to tap into interactive mobile marketing, but they do not have the resources to justify developing their own app,” says David Van Epps, Global Chief Product Officer for Mood Media. “Through Mood’s innovative and exclusive technology and our partnership with Shazam, our clients now have a simple and affordable way to leverage their Mood services and integrate marketing offers with one of the world’s most popular apps. Mood’s Shazam In-Store is an ideal way to create personal mobile engagement with consumers and strengthen loyalty at the local level.”