Samsung Confirms Acquisition of Wireless Tech Firm

On Friday, Samsung Electronics confirmed its acquisition of Nanoradio, a thriving developer of ultra low power Wireless LAN chipsets for high-speed wireless access in mobile phones.

For the tech giant, the purchase comes as another strong indicator of Samsung’s desire to become a bigger player and provider of cutting-edge wireless services within the burgeoning industry of connected mobile devices.

Nanoradio – which is based in Kista, Sweden – has 60 employees. The company is said to possess extensive experience in the wireless industry. In particular, Nanoradio specializes in developing small form factor high performance Wi-Fi chipsets with low power consumption for cellular platforms.

As of this writing, the financial terms of the deal were not brought to light and no executives from either party offered formal comment to the media regarding the acquisition and the coming steps toward integration of tools and talent.