Safelincs & TextMagic Team For Unique SMS Reminders

Safelincs & TextMagic Team For Unique SMS Reminder ServiceWe recently received a heads-up regarding an interesting use-case for SMS outside the traditional lines of marketing, proving that thinking outside the box can produce unique results.

Safelincs, a UK-based fire-safety product supplier, recently teamed with TextMagic to utilize the latter’s rich set of APIs to integrate SMS into a free reminder service focused on smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.  Users can sign up on Safelincs’ website to be reminded to change batteries, test their alarms and so on.

“As well as being a profit-making business, Safelincs is also strongly ethical,” the company said in a statement.  “We have a real commitment to saving people’s lives through fire safety.  We support the UK Government’s “Fire Kills” campaign, and do a great deal to keep people aware and informed of fire safety issues.”

Safelincs integrated SMS into their website to allow users the chance to quickly fill out a simple form with their mobile number and the type(s) of reminders they’d like to utilize, while TextMagic’s APIs handle the work behind the scenes- connecting to the company’s SMS gateway to facilitate the messaging.

While it’s simple in nature, it’s an excellent application for SMS outside more traditional means.  We’ve recently seen a lot of interest in SMS-based reminder services, with its simplicity and simple integration making a lot of sense for a growing number of savvy service-providers, businesses, etc.