Rumors of Amazon’s Mobile Credit Card Reader Quiet Down

Rumors of Amazon's Mobile Credit Card Reader Quiet DownAmazon may build a smartphone, a smartwatch, and it’s own video game console. At least that’s what the rumor mill has frequently suggested in recent weeks.

But if you’re waiting to hear more chatter about the online retailer’s mobile payment ambitions, don’t hold your breath.

Following a plethora of headlines earlier this spring and summer about Amazon’s reported interest in rolling out a mobile payments solution – comparable to the industry leading mobile credit card readers offered by PayAnywhere, Square, and others in the space – it no longer appears that this service is on Amazon’s immediate “to do” list.

But, Amazon still reportedly plans to sell physical goods through mobile apps.

“Amazon’s in-app purchasing application programming interface (API) has been in the market for a while,” reads a new report from Trefis. “The app allows users to purchase digital content such as in-game currency, expansion packs, upgrades and magazine issues from within the app. Given the success of this technology, the company is now looking to sell physical goods through it. Amazon has expanded its business rapidly across the globe in the last few years finding strong support from e-commerce growth, higher Internet usage and a surge in smartphone sales.”

According to the report’s author, this is an opportunity for Amazon to increase sales “by making it more convenient and natural for customers to buy goods through apps they love to use.”

Stay tuned.