RKG: Mobile Now 20% of All Search Traffic

Mobile is capturing an increasingly large share of the overall search market.

On Wednesday, Rimm-Kaufman Group published its new Digital Marketing Report, which covers the fourth quarter of 2012. It’s findings convincingly show mobile’s growing dominance in search.

The findings show that mobile traffic has ballooned to represent a staggering 20% share of the overall search market. Smartphone and tablet market penetration has contributed tremendously to the boom in mobile search, as millions of people around the world connect to the Internet regularly via their mobile devices.

Among the most interesting fourth quarter results, RKG found:

  • Paid search spending rose 23% year over year in Q4 on an 18% increase in traffic and 4% increase in CPC. This was a slight deceleration from Q3 volume growth, while average CPC rebounded from a 5% decline in Q3.
  • Google Product Listing Ads generated 28% of Google non-brand clicks in Q4. PLA CPCs remained 26% lower than CPCs for competitive text ads.
  • iOS 6 defaulting to secure search resulted in 10% of organic search traffic being seen as direct by analytics packages. 81% of iOS 6 visits did not pass a referrer.
  • iPad delivered 7.3% of visits, followed by the iPhone at 6.7% and Android devices at 5.2%.
  • Facebook remained the dominant source of referral traffic among social domains in Q4, delivering 7.4% of referrals. Pinterest was second with an average share of 3.6%.
  • CPMs for the Facebook Exchange were less than half those of the average display ad. Revenue Per Click was 25% higher.

To check out Rimm-Kaufman Group’s latest Digital Marketing Report, click here.

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