Report: Security First Insurance Boosts Mobile Customers

IBMIBM announced Wednesday that Security First Insurance, a Florida-based homeowners insurance company, has deployed the IBM MobileFirst platform to enhance their mobile experience.

Since deploying the app, we’re told that Security First Insurance has seen a 195 percent increase in average monthly new users and a 140 percent increase in online payments.

So how does it all work? According to a statement emailed to MMW:

To help Security First Insurance improve customer engagement, provide differentiated service in a competitive business environment and easily communicate personalized price savings to customers and prospects, PointSource, a mobile design and development firm specializing in digital transformation and IBM Premier Business Partner, created a seamless, user-focused experience across all platforms including a new Security First Mobile app based on the IBM MobileFirst platform.

“To stay competitive and drive customer loyalty in the highly competitive home insurance industry, we felt it was imperative to provide a seamless mobile experience that not only delivers on our customers’ specific needs, but also provides a differentiating value to all Floridians,” said Marissa Buckley, Vice President of Marketing, Security First Insurance. “The Security First Mobile app built on IBM MobileFirst platform does that by offering users the functionality they want, when they want it.”

The IBM MobileFirst platform is available on-premises or in the cloud. To learn more about IBM MobileFirst, check out