Report Calls iPhone Users Smartphone Data Hogs

iPhone users have been dubbed smartphone data hogs.

And the facts back up the claim.

According to a new report examining consumer smartphone trends from global telecoms, media and technology specialist Analysys Mason, on average, iPhone customers use more data than any other smartphone users, and account for 80% of the top 10% of heaviest data users.

Of those smartphone consumers who are in the 70th percentile or above in terms of data usage, iPhone users appear more than three times as frequently as the next most ‘data-hungry’ consumer segment – users who have Android on HTC devices.

The report, in case you’re wondering, is truly global in that it is based on data derived from Arbitron Mobile’s on-device monitoring app that provided access to the smartphone behavior of more than 1000 panelists for two months in the USA, UK, France, Germany and Spain.

Other headline-worthy facts presented in the report include:

  • 75% of panelists used Wi-Fi on their smartphone.
  • 45% of panelists used instant messaging or over-the-top messaging services, almost half of whom used WhatsApp Messenger.
  • More than 99% of panelists used their mobile browser at least once, for an average of 7.5 minutes per day.
  • In the USA, 30% of consumers used more than 500MB of cellular data per month, compared with 13% in France and the UK, and only 8% in Germany.
  • All mobile communications apps are used more by women than men, apart from mobile VoIP.

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