r2integrated Develops Unique Quadrant To Predict The Future Of Your Brand’s Mobile Apps

r2integrated Develops Unique Quadrant To Predict The Future Of Your Brand's Mobile Appsr2integrated, an internet marketing and technology firm, has developed a simple and innovative tool to help brands plot the future of their mobile apps.  By comparing an app’s brand value against its usefulness, the tool predicts whether the app is doomed for failure or future success.

The quadrant is comprised of “campaign focused,” “most successful,” “least successful,” and “utility focused.”  By plotting a proposed mobile app’s brand value proposition against its usefulness, the quadrant can help predict its likely success based on one of the four aforementioned outcomes.

The first of which is obvious; if your app has low brand value proposition and low usefulness, the likelihood of success is inherently low, and it’s not worth the investment.  Low brand value compared with high usefulness, however, will place your app in the “utility focused” quadrant, meaning its success will improve, but will still face heavy competition from other utilitarian-based apps from larger software companies and providers.

If your app has high brand value but low usefulness, you’re app will be deemed “campaign focused,” meaning it will likely be successful for short-lived branding initiatives, but will lack long-term viability from a user-perspective.  Finally, if your app has high usefulness and high brand value, you’ll find yourself in the “most successful” quadrant for obvious reasons, meaning its utility will keep it “top of mind” with users, while driving brand impression and buying behavior as well.

The quadrant is very simple in nature, but can be very useful is determining the potential outcome of your app.  Many brands are becoming interested in developing a mobile app for various reasons, but being a relatively new concept, many of those brands can’t accurately gauge the outcome.  This tool helps fill that void, and gives a basis for a better understanding before going forward with development of your mobile app.