The Power of Mobile Industrial Robots on Display in The Garden State

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), a leading developer and manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots sold in 33 countries, has released a new case study with its customer Magna-Power, a manufacturer of programmable power products for industrial and research applications around the world.

According to details dished in Monday’s report, the Magna-Power application is a prime example of the value that is driving MiR’s “tremendous growth to more than 200 mobile autonomous robots installed around the world in 2016, in environments from mid-sized, regional organizations through large global manufacturers.”

Every Magna-Power product is made to order, but the company has still developed one of the shortest lead-times in the industry to stay competitive in global markets. Because every minute counts, Magna-Power looked for a robotic system to help its employees on the manufacturing floor become more efficient.

What it found was the MiR100, a collaborative, autonomous robot from Mobile Industrial Robots that has given Magna-Power a competitive advantage by automating material transportation so employees can focus on more important, high-level activities.

“As many North American manufacturers work to stay ahead of low-cost overseas competitors, they’re looking for new ways to be innovative on the manufacturing floor,” said Ed Mullen, vice president of sales for North America. “Our robots help organizations from smaller, regional manufacturers such as Magna-Power through large international manufacturers save time by streamlining resources and increasing efficiency.”

A video of the robots in action at Magna-Power is available here.