‘Personal Approach’ Offered in New Mobile Marketing Solution

'Personal Approach' Offered in New Mobile Marketing SolutionOn Monday, Smith Micro Software, Inc. confirmed to MMW that it’s launching its latest NetWise solution — NetWise Captivate.

NetWise Captivate is promoted as being a new mobile platform that allows marketers and wireless service providers to create more personalized brand experiences for their customers using smartphones.

NetWise Captivate “detects consumer shopping patterns and mobile activities in real time to engage customers in the right circumstances.” According to marketing materials shared by the company, by delivering more relevant and convenient mobile services and offers, businesses can build higher value relationships with their customers.

“Mobile phones offer a highly personal, pervasive, and extremely powerful channel for customer engagement, but mobile marketing is still in its infancy,” says Carla Fitzgerald, Chief Marketing Officer at Smith Micro. “Our NetWise Captivate platform helps marketers deliver the right message or promotion to the right customer at the right time, creating a better mobile experience that leads to increased loyalty and business growth.”

So how exactly does NetWise Captivate work?

The team behind the latest offering says NetWise Captivate “enhances mobile marketing by adding richer consumer context to the exciting new world of location-based marketing. It uses an expert system on the device to analyze opt-in mobile data, such as micro and macro location, time of day, dwell-time, installed applications, user interactivity, and other conditions.”

In short, the company says NetWise Captivate helps marketers better understand their mobile customers and more effectively connect with them at the right time and with the most enticing offer.