Paypal: Mobile Shopping Grew 310% On Black Friday, 27% Increase In Mobile Payments

Paypal today issued some initial data from Black Friday and indicates mobile shopping grew a whopping 310% while total mobile payment volumes increased 27%.

We already covered eBay’s Black Friday success, with the company saying its mobile usage nearly doubled over last year.  Combined with other early stats from Friday, it’s looking like 2010 will be the year mobile shopping finally hits the masses.  “The tough economy has made shoppers more price-conscious, and this year’s Black Friday results show that they’re going Online to find the best deals,” said Amanda Pires, senior director at PayPal.  “With the convenience of shopping from a laptop or mobile phone, more people are choosing to avoid the long lines, parking chaos and early morning rush in exchange for great online deals available from the comfort of their homes.”

Many had speculated mobile’s role in holiday shopping this year would be mostly geared towards things like research, social sharing and product comparisons, but data from Paypal shows shoppers are actually paying for items with their devices as well — an early indicator that consumers are becoming more comfortable with the concept.  In addition, Paypal issued some other interesting data points as well:

  • PayPal found that the official holiday shopping season began on Monday, November 15, 2010.
  • On Black Friday 2010, consumers shopped most frequently between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. PST.
  • Black Friday 2010 resulted in 21 percent more total payment volume compared to Thanksgiving 2010.
  • PayPal saw 19 percent more payment volume on Black Friday 2010 compared to an average Friday in 2010.
  • PayPal processes 16.5 percent of U.S. eCommerce and 15 percent of global eCommerce.