Partners Aim to Simplify Mobile Measurement for App Publishers

Xaxis Gets Nod from comScore for Its Predictive Accuracy in Worldwide Validation StudyIn case you missed the recent news, mParticle — a leading customer data platform — announced that the company has partnered with comScore to make it easier for publisher clients to deploy comScore’s audience and advertising measurement solutions through the mParticle platform.

With this integration, mParticle is providing a certified path for customers to implement the comScore SDK to enable both audience and advertising measurement with minimal development resources.

“The most important initiative on nearly every media company’s agenda in 2017 is to synthesize data and measurement across mobile and connected devices,” said Adam Biehler, Head of Partnerships at mParticle. “We are thrilled to work with comScore to make it easier for leading publishers to improve third-party measurement without the complexity of deploying and maintaining multiple SDKs.”

Starting today, joint mParticle and comScore customers will be able to take full advantage of the SDK integration. Customers can log into the mParticle platform, easily configure comScore settings and begin gleaning insights about their app users within minutes, providing a holistic, cross-platform view of their audiences.

“With mobile apps approaching 60% of overall time spent on digital devices, and with 18-24 year olds spending as much as 73% of their digital time in apps, quality app measurement is more critical than ever for brands and publishers,” said Nick Tabbal, senior vice president at comScore.  “We are excited to work with partners like mParticle to help the industry remove development barriers, break down data silos and better understand the behavior of their cross-platform audiences.”