Pandora Is The New Powerhouse in Mobile Ad Revenue

Everyone knows Google breaks the bank on mobile ad revenue. But do you know who places second on that list of the top generators of mobile ad revenue?

It’s Pandora. The company’s mobile advertising pot of gold grew wildly last year according to a new report out this week.

“On our Q4 year-end call we stated more than $100M+ can from mobile, and given MM’s stated $103, we are more than confident we are still second only to GOOG last year,” a representative Pandora tells Business Insider regarding whether Pandora or Millennial Media is truly second to Google.

While 88 percent of Pandora’s listening hours came from desktop use in Q1 of 2010, by 2012, users spend 70 percent of their time on Pandora listening on their mobile devices. That’s a pretty substantial shift.

While Pandora’s desktop use peaks while users are at work, from 9am to 6pm,” the report reads, “mobile rules when on the go and at home (from 7-9am and 6-11pm).”

Although Pandora still trials Google by a substantial margin, becoming the second bigger player in mobile ad revenue – almost overnight – is no small feat in the modern mobile ad world.