Pageonce Rolls Out Mobile Bill Pay

Pageonce – the daily finance service for mobile devices – announced Monday that it is launching the first and only mobile bill pay service that gives consumers remote control over when and how they pay their bills.

According to a description of the service outlined in a press release from the company today, Pageonce allows users to view all their bills and pay from any account, all in one simple app anytime, anywhere.

Pageonce Money & Bills already lets users automatically track all types of bills and alerts them when a bill is due. Now Pageonce gives users the option to pay immediately from their choice of accounts via their smartphone.

Pageonce makes paper bills, checks and stamps, and logging into several different websites for online bill pay, obsolete — helping users save time and avoid annoying late and overdraft fees.

Pageonce collects all the information about a user’s bills, including payment due date, amount due and itemized details, and presents them in format optimized for smartphones. Before a bill is due, users will get an alert that allows them to pay now in three steps: (1) Select how to pay (2) Enter the amount (3) Tap to pay.

“Pageonce has been helping millions of users stay on top of all their money and bills through a simple and smart mobile interface,” says Guy Goldstein, Pageonce Founder and CEO. “Now we’re empowering people to DO their finances directly from their smartphone. Paying bills is our first step in building the Wallet of the Future.”