Over The Top Smartphone Growth Observed Down Under

If you think smartphone growth is huge in North America, check out the rampant smartphone adoption across Australia these days.

Based on the findings of a new report from Frost & Sullivan – the Australian Mobile Device Usage Trends report – more than two-thirds of Australians (68%) aged between 15 and 65 currently own a smartphone.

Frost & Sullivan estimates that smartphone ownership inside of Australia is now 41% and predicts this to increase to 65% in 2017.

In five years, it is likely that virtually all mobile phones will have smartphone functionality built-in.

“Smartphone penetration in Australia is expected to continue to increase where in two to three years time, the vast majority of Australians aged 15 to 65 will own one,” says Phil Harpur, Senior Research Manager for Frost & Sullivan.

So what’s helping to drive the growth there? The launch of the iPhone in 2008 and then the iPad in 2010 “heralded the beginning of a new era in the evolution of mobile devices.”

A new market segment has effectively been created, the report reads.