Open Email in Mobile? In the UK, That’s a Growing Phenomenon

Open Email in Mobile In the UK, That's a Growing PhenomenonMobile is taking over. Not just videos. Not just social media. But for dealing with email, too. According to recent stats, more than four in 10 UK smartphone owners now open their email via mobile.

According to research by Movable Ink, which monitored activity on its own platform, 71 percent of total email opens in the UK during Q1 2015 took place on mobile.

Smartphones, naturally, were the largest contributors to the total, with a 42 percent share.

Notably, Apple devices dominated both mobile categories, with iPhones accounting for more than one-third of all email opens and iPads nearly 30 percent. Meanwhile, Android’s overall share was below 9 percent.

“However, smartphones didn’t quite stack up when it came time to convert,” according to eMarketer. “Here, desktops maintained their lead, with nearly 40 percent of all UK email marketing conversions in Q1 2015 taking place on such devices. Tablets were close, at 37 percent.”

But email marketers, beware.

“According to Movable Ink, with the exception of the Kindle Fire, the majority of marketing emails were read for 15 seconds or less on each device,” adds eMarketer. “Android users were more patient than those on Windows Phone, iOS devices, and even desktop.”

The warning is that email marketers must “control themselves when it comes to email frequency.”

Among UK internet users polled by research firm Aimia, 57 percent said they avoided companies and brands because their messages were annoying, and 50 percent were overwhelmed by the communications they received.