Ooh-la-la! Fashion goes mobile with Elle

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Quick Site Description:
The mobile site for Elle magazine which focuses on fashion, beauty, and style – with a brain.

First Impression:
Elle Mobile is a very good looking site, which is to be expected from a fashion mag. It’s black and gray (slick looking) with just the right amount of hot pink text for some of the navigation. It resembles Elle.com and is good representation of the brand.

What’s Here:
As a complementary site to the print magazine and the full website, the mobile site offers tidbits of what a reader could find there. A good job of determining what should come to the mobile site was done because it all seems to fit here and is timely. There’s a trend report from Milan (posted today), Oscar red carpet predictions (this was fun to read), Fashion Week info, Daily Essentials (something new every day) Beauty, and Magazine features. Down a bit deeper I found astrology and numerology too.

Readers can sign up to get fashion tips via text three times per week.

Ease of Use:
Elle Mobile is very easy to use. This is the second site I’ve reviewed that is powered by Crisp Wireless and it is obvious the mLogic software builds a terrific mobile site.
Find Stuff Factor:
Ooh-la-la, the fashion is everywhere, just like I’d expect. Everything is one click from where I expected it to be and I can always make my way back home with no worries.

Best Part:
What does every fashion lover want to do? Put stuff in her closet. ElleMobile lets you do just that with the My Closet feature. With one click from the bottom of any page a reader can grab something and when she checks back at My Closet, there is her collection. Brilliant and so aptly named, I just love it.

Where to Use It:

Anywhere you’d read a magazine, but don’t have one. If you’re lucky enough to be attending Fashion Week events you’d use Elle Mobile to see what’s happening. It’s a bit like a tiny show daily.

Bottom Line:
If I had just a tiny bit more fashionista in me I would bookmark it so fast my skirt would spin. Ah heck, I might just do it anyway. I don’t want to end up on What Not to Wear.

5 stars (It was the My Closet tool and frequent updates that clinched it.)

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