One By AOL Publishers Goes Global

One By AOL Publishers Goes GlobalOn Monday, at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership Meeting, AOL launched ONE by AOL for Publishers to “simplify an overly complex ecosystem and provide holistic, tailored solutions for publishers.”

“Over the past six years,” the company announced, “AOL has invested more than $1 billion in publisher-first technologies, and has developed and expanded those solutions globally.”

The goal at hand? By bringing the businesses and platforms together with ONE by AOL: Publishers, the company explains, AOL is “helping publishers with audience engagement and analytics, content distribution and revenue management.”

“Publishers face many obstacles and challenges in navigating the complexities of today’s media environment, and the walled garden technology solutions available to them today is underservicing their needs to capitalize on the consumer shift to mobile and video,” said Tim Mahlman, President of Publisher Platforms at AOL. “With ONE by AOL: Publishers, AOL is drawing on world-class, publisher-minded teams and technology solutions to redefine monetization and empower publishers to capture the maximum value of their content.”

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