Nothing But Net for This Real Money Mobile Game

Nothing But Net for This Real Money Mobile GameOrbitcorp announced to OCA recently their release of a Basketball app, “which combines arcade style gaming with real money gambling.” The report notes that, “The idea of the game is very straightforward, players bet on how many baskets they can score in one minute by flicking the ball on their device’s screen.”

Now, I bet you did a double take when you saw that this game could allow gambling. Orbitcorps’ multiplayer platform, Skillz, “is the first mobile multiplayer platform which offers real cash prizes,” the report explains. Do not worry about the possibility of someone breaking the bank though.

“It makes it possible for players to win prizes worth up to $20 just by betting against each other,” OCA adds, meaning that the bets one could place would have to be in small increments.

So hold on. Last we knew online gambling had not been legalized yet. Here’s the interesting loophole that the report in question clarifies — “as the games featuring Skillz, such as Flick It Hoops Professional, are dependent on the player’s skill rather than luck, they are legal to play in America and most other countries.”

Flick It Hoops Professional is available now on iOS.

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