North American Bancard Nets Another Top Industry Honor

North American Bancard Nets Another Top Industry HonorIf you missed this year’s 2014 Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) Star Awards, you may be wondering who walked away with the highly coveted “ISO of the Year Award.” According to all the details subsequently provided to MMW, this year the prestigious award went to North American Bancard for their innovative PayAnywhere Storefront.

The PayAnywhere Storefront is the first free tablet placement program, that is a safe and secure countertop payment processing solution. It comes with a built-in card reader, and accepts major credit cards such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa—customers can even pay with PayPal.

What makes this mobile payment processing solution really stand out, is that it comes with built-in big data and reporting technology—that saves small and medium-sized businesses a significant amount and money from investing in similar types of software. It also transfers payments to the retailer the very next business day.

On top of that, North American Bancard is leading the pack when it comes to innovative technologies, such as point and pay technology that can be used for off-site payments—and as a solution for local and state government payment processing centers.

While North American Bancard excels at providing small and medium-sized business owners with affordable solutions, their technology is also designed in a manner to support the needs of multimillion dollar businesses who have detailed and advanced reporting needs—as well as increased risk management solutions.