New Report Assesses Google’s Impact in Mobile Marketing

New Report Assesses Google's Impact in Mobile MarketingGoogle’s mobile advertising business continues to fuel impressive growth for the online search engine pioneer.

According to a new market report from MindCommerce, Google has much at stake in the worldwide shift from desktop advertising to mobile advertising.

As we’ve seen, the Internet search giant has taken various measures to brace for the shift: It acquired mobile-related corporate vehicles, notably Android (2005), YouTube (2006), DoubleClick (2007), AdMob (2009) and Motorola Mobility (2012), and launched mobile marketing tools like the Google Playbook (2013).

According to the information presented in the new report, Google has certainly well positioned itself for long term success in mobile advertising.

But whether or not Google succeeds to the degree it wishes remains to be seen, and the new report is shedding light on key  areas that Google must be focused on today:

  • Competitive Landscape: The current shape of the mobile advertising landscape and Google’s fit within it. Google’s current strategies: How has its strategy paid off and who are the biggest competitor’s to Google in mobile advertising.
  • Advertising Products: Google’s current advertising products. What’s next for Google’s product strategy (i.e., in-app advertising, search advertising).
  • Strategic Direction: Google’s strategy in light of other mobile advertising powerhouses entering the landscape. How Facebook and Apple’s strategies differ from Google’s

The new report also contains recommendations for marketers, specifically, what marketers need to do to optimize their spending with Google, Facebook, and others.

To learn more about the MindCommerce study, click here.

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