New Jersey Legalizes Online Gambling

In recent weeks, MMW has dedicated ample coverage to the quest for legalized online gambling in the states of Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey.

On Tuesday, New Jersey joined the successful ranks of Nevada and Delaware to become the third state in the nation to legalize Internet gambling.

“This was a critical decision, and one that I did not make lightly,” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie tells the AP. “But with the proper regulatory framework and safeguards that I insisted on including in the bill, I am confident that we are offering a responsible yet exciting option that will make Atlantic City more competitive while also bringing financial benefits to New Jersey as a whole.”
The new law marks the largest expansion of legalized gambling in the Garden State since 1978, when the first casino opened its doors in Atlantic City.

The advent of Internet gambling is particularly good news for one of Atlantic City’s most struggling casinos, The Atlantic Club Casino Hotel. It is in the process of being bought by the parent company of PokerStars, the world’s largest poker web site.

“Our state leaders have stepped up, worked together and seized this moment,” said Michael Frawley, COO of The Atlantic Club Casino Hotel. “New Jersey will be better for it as the benefits of I-gaming for our state are only beginning to be fully appreciated. We strongly believe that the economic development and reinvestment in Atlantic City, driven through I-gaming, will be remembered as a critical turning point for this proud town. We look forward to the renewed success this new law will surely bring.”

New Jersey gamblers are told that they now have access to a safe and regulated online gaming market. In return, proponents of the law say, the state will have a new source for revenue and job creation.