New Apple App Uses Interactive Video To Make Connecting With Customers Easier

secret-of-mobile-appsA new app available through the Apple Store uses interactive video to make it easier than ever for businesses to connect with their customers.

Vaetas just announced the release of the Vaetas Connect iOS app. This free iPhone app is designed to serve entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are looking for a simpler way to communicate online when they can’t meet with customers in person.

“We kept hearing from entrepreneurs and sales professionals that connecting with customers online just seems so complicated these days,” says Jennifer Santoro, Chief Communications Officer of Vaetas. “They have been asking for an easier solution, and we believe Vaetas Connect will be just that.”

Those who sign up for a free Vaetas Connect membership will be able to send out interactive business videos on the go. This patent-pending technology makes it easy for any user to record or take an existing video, distribute the video to their customers, and allow the viewer to take immediate action with them directly from the video itself.

For example, the viewer can purchase a product, service or even make a donation directly from the video; they can contact the business directly through email or their mobile phone; or the video automatically can take the viewer to any webpage of the Vaetas member’s choosing (for example: coupon page, more information page, sign up page, etc.).

“We wanted business owners and sales professionals who had a fear of using video to actually have fun in their sales and marketing process, showcasing what a timesaver it is to use personalized video and the direct impact it has on their bottom line vs. writing blog posts for the masses in an attempt to ‘go viral’,” says John Rizzo, a founding partner of Vaetas.

Vito Santoro, the company’s other founding partner, says Vaetas Connect is designed for those individuals who “have a passion for what they do and are authentic in wanting to help their customers.”

“We want to support entrepreneurs in their business efforts, because entrepreneurship is the core of the human spirit; it ignites passion and solves problems,” Santoro says. “THIS is what we want to support as a company.”