New App Store May Be Worth Betting On

New App Store May Be Worth Betting OnAccording to a new report from mGamingWatch, the team at Betcade is banking on a new app store of real-money mobile gambling apps to satisfy growing market demand for mobile gambling options.

VentureBeat recently scored an advance look at the company’s new Android app store for real money casino apps.

Betcade, based in Pasadena, Calif., worked with Fantasy, one of the agencies that is known for its user interface designs, to create the look and feel of its app store. That’s important because Betcade is trying to create an experience that draws fans of real-money gambling to come back over and over again.

In December of last year, Betcade announced that its early access program is now officially open. But big things are in store for this new year.

“We’ve spent the past few months road testing the concept and checking the temperature of the industry, and been really pleased with the results,” said Betcade CEO David Chang in a release before the end of 2015. “The creation of the Early Access Program is a direct result from the demand we are experiencing from the industry.  We want to create the best possible product for the gaming industry and are fortunate that online operators want to work with us to make the store a success.”