NBCUniversal Launches New Ad Buying Tool

NBCUniversal Launches New Ad Buying ToolTV ad space is a substantial investment, and although it is most often purchased by brands with lofty advertising budget, buyers still invest much time into deciding where their TV commercials should be placed.

While understanding the demographics of the television show or movie being played helps when selecting placement, there is much room for more detailed analytics. It is for this reason that NBCUniversal has launched their new Audience Targeting Platform.

According to a report from Variety, this new tool will collect data from set-top boxes to identify the best advertising categories for both cable and television networks.

With many brands and businesses redirecting more of their traditional broadcast advertising dollars toward online advertising and online commercials (both of which are far less expensive than TV ad) improved ad buying tools for TV advertising are a must in order to stay competitive in today’s advertising marketplace.

In fact, some speculate whether at some point down the road different commercials may be sent to individual homes depending on the target audience within an individual home, even though this technology is not yet available let alone perfected to an applicable degree.