Moovweb ‘Transforms’ the Mobile Shopping Experience with Launch of MoovCheckout

Moovweb ‘Transforms’ the Mobile Shopping Experience with Launch of MoovCheckoutMoovweb, a self-proclaimed pioneer in powering engaging mobile experiences for the world’s leading brands, has just introduced MoovCheckout, the industry’s “only solution” that enables businesses to directly control and optimize checkout flow and reduce shopping cart abandonment- radically increasing conversion rates. This uses the practices of e-commerce usability and integrates rich checkout analytics in one easy solution.

According to a company demo, MoovCheckout allows marketers to make informed decisions based on actionable insights and benchmarks to increase mobile conversion rates by as much as 25%.

With the use of field-level analytics, marketers can see exactly where consumers drop-off from the “checkout funnel,” problematic fields, and possible delays to checkout. Industry benchmarks and proactive recommendations can also be viewed and allows marketers to adopt the best solutions for their business to stay ahead of competition.

MoovCheckout includes two components: Catalyst and Business Manager. Catalyst is focused on optimizing the mobile checkout flow to increase conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment rate.

The other component, Business Manager, provides companies with field-level analytics to better understand cart abandonments. Users can view and measure key e-commerce metrics such as conversion rates, field abandonment rates, and time spent per field.

Business Manager gives business users the ability to easily segment their audiences and create custom experiences for them, the company says. Marketers will be able to quickly deploy new experiences and test conversion rates on any segment of their customers.