Moolah Media Launches Unique “Mobile Redirect Advertising” Solution

Moolah Media, the 6 month old startup that bills itself the “highest-performing US-based mobile affiliate network,” has launched a new product offering called mobile redirect advertising.

“Mobile redirect advertising” will seamlessly transpose advertisements that aren’t accessible or difficult to use on mobile devices into mobile-friendly formats, allowing web publishers to generate revenue from mobile visits.  Many of the ads viewed by consumers are designed for large screens or full keyboards – and that’s if they can be rendered by a smartphone at all.  This results in a missed opportunity and loss of revenue for advertisers who are inadvertently delivering web ads to mobile devices.

How it works is pretty simple; Moolah’s technology automatically determines if an offer page is being accessed by a mobile device, and offers an optimized alternative in real-time.  Moolah estimates 10 to 18 percent of clicks from email and 2 to 8 percent of display clicks are currently being generated from mobile devices. A lot of this represents lost revenue for advertisers. The company says that by using redirect advertising, advertisers can expect a 3 to 6 percent increase in revenue at 100 percent margin.

“We believe there’s over a billion dollars lost annually when mobile users are directed to PC-based offers, because consumers are unable to execute on the call to action from their mobile device, said Shawn Scheuer, CEO of Moolah Media. “With Mobile Redirect Advertisements, publishers don’t have to worry about this issue, and can automatically serve a relevant offer to consumers that access their site, optimized by offer category and device capabilities.”