Moolah Media Launches Real-Time Tracking For Its Mobile Click-To-Call Service

Moolah Media is a brand new startup, only launching out of private beta in January, and is today launching a real-time tracking service for its unique click-to-call mobile advertising solution.

The company’s main premise is based around the idea that a mobile ad should entice the consumer to perform an action, rather than just being a passive eyeball.  Click-to-call is their primary call-to-action, and is pushed through embedded mobile landing pages.  To show how successful the formula works, the company’s new real-time tracking solution aims to let brand’s know how their ads are working through a variety of reports.

The company claims it’s processing over 250,000 calls for brands per month, and is tracking those calls anonymously to provide reporting that includes stats such as:

  • How many people saw the banner?
  • Of those how many clicked-through, submitted a form and made a call?
  • How long are the phone calls on average?
  • How many were unique, or from the same person?
  • How many calls were made that an advertiser didn’t answer?

Having this insight can make all the difference for advertisers, and using click-to-call in general is a highly effective tool for brands, especially local businesses — it’s one segment of mobile advertising that’s still highly underutilized.  “This is an excellent opportunity for our advertisers to accurately determine which call campaigns are most effective,” explained Shawn Scheuer, CEO of Moolah.  “Through offering this transparency of information, advertisers have control of their campaigns, and publishers can determine the best way to monetize their apps and Mobile Web sites.”