Mogreet: iPhone Most Popular For Video Messages, But Feature Phones Still Dominate

Video-based mobile marketing provider Mogreet issued some interesting statistics this morning in the release of its Q2 2010 mobile marketing analytics report.

The data reveals consumer behavior patterns for mobile marketing campaigns that integrated mobile video messages on Mogreet’s mobile messaging platform during the quarter, and surfaced some surprising data points.  First, it’s important to note that Mogreet deals exclusively with text messaging and primarily MMS to serve video advertisements.

In terms of mobile video views broken down by carrier, Verizon Wireless takes the top spot with 37.4% overall.  AT&T and T-Mobile take the second and third spots with 31.4% and 12.4% respectively, followed by Sprint with 10.8% and Alltel with 1.6%.  In terms of handset type, the iPhone remains most dominant in terms of mobile video messaging views with 7.2%, followed by LG’s enV 3 with 4.1% and enV Touch with 3.9%.

The most interesting data point covered in the report was “mobile video messaging views by region,” which indicates Houston, Texas takes the number one spot.  The state of South Carolina takes the number two spot, followed by Phoenix, Atlanta and New York to round out the top five.

“Our research shows that iPhone is the most popular device for viewing mobile video messages among all demographic groups, however it is important to note that basic feature phones are still the most dominant devices among consumers,” said James Citron, CEO, Mogreet.  “The key take-away for brand marketers is that their mobile campaigns must be designed for consumers who use a feature phone.   One of the biggest advantages of MMS is the ability to reach nearly 80 percent of mobile phone subscribers, because a smartphone is not required to view multimedia content.  This is one reason MMS is increasingly becoming the technology choice of major brands to reach consumers on their mobile.”

For more data, including stats broken down by demographics, take a look at the company’s press release.